Using Social CRM For Facebook & Tumbler

Choosing the right CRM system for your social media platform of choice helps businesses gather accurate, powerfull insight about customer interest level of a company, a brand, and the specific products or service.

Why Use Facebook For Business

Using a Facebook page to promote your business comes baring lots and lots of potential benefits for your company. Using a Facebook page comes bringing a large number of benefits that are similar to having a website; here are some of the more specific benefits that Facebook offers businesses all over the place. Installing Facebook and connecting it to a CRM system can help your business increase the sales level of your business. Implementing a Facebook campaign and integrating a CRM platform will help you build up a low-cost marketing strategy, it will enable you to share information, pictures, and videos about your business, and it will help you better interact to existing and potential customers.

Why Use Tumbler For Business

Using a Tumblr page to promote your business is able to bring a lot of potential benefits to your business. The first step is deciding that Tumblr is what your company really needs. Tumbler is a social media platform that focuses on artistic imaging or on the visual aspect of communication with a client. Tumbler for Business is different from the traditional blogging platforms due to the fact that it has a very well integrated social component, Tumblr is a social network that happens to have a blogging platform. Implementing a Facebook campaign and integrating a CRM platform will help you create a unique opportunity to engage with customers, it can help expand the awareness level of your brand, test multiple creative approaches here as well, and it is available for the Web and mobile.